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OT: American Politics

They all think they’re being Lenny Bruce/Carlin/Hicks…..but they’re all saying the same thing as the #1 podcast host on the planet and his dozens of “comedy” spawns…..so I feel fairly confident Carlin & Hicks in particular would be mocking their mainstream snowflake complaints about not being able to anything….rather than agreeing.

It blows my mind that he walked away from his show specifically because he realized his audience was laughing for the wrong reasons…..but doesn’t see that same phenomenon occurring in his current comedy.

Well said, I also don’t recall Hicks or Carlin ever punching down. Their targets were ignorants and idiots that were threatening to make America a religious idiocracy
wow that prosecutor really sucks. what a garbled mess. bad at one thing a fucking prosecutor should be ace at.

and that judge is a coward.
also, the defense attorney lost a judicial election earlier this year to replace the judge hearing the case (i assume different level of court).
Yeah, anyone's grievances with recent Dave aside, he's got no time for the maga twits either.

….and my grievances with Dave aside, I give him full props for getting it out there that he distances himself from them.

It was known in real time she had just grabbed him for a selfie, but him actively distancing himself from them publicly is of real value.