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OT: American Politics


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You know, I wasn’t going to engage with this bullshit anymore but this is just more #freepass bullshit. How the **** is this a Republican thing and not a bothsides issue when individual counties are run by one of both parties, while Florida voted Democrat governors in for well over 100 years before 1999. But sure, this is the GOP only. This issue is the fucking epitome of both sides. It’s been going on for over 40 years for Christ sake.

**** off with this shit. Biased, the whole fucking lot of you.


See you in a week. Maybe a month. Who the **** knows or even cares anymore. Such bs crap.

yes, in fact, this story is exclusively the gop only.


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How the **** is this a Republican thing and not a bothsides issue

The Florida Republicans passed the law requiring that the fines/fees be paid prior to the right to vote? That's how. Without making sure that there was any sort of functioning system in place to ensure that paying off those fines was easy and straight forward. You can blame the system being archaic and difficult to navigate on #bothsides, but only one side ensured that former felons were forced to navigate it.


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Without making sure that there was any sort of functioning system in place to ensure that paying off those fines was easy and straight forward.

don't be naive - they made damn sure that it was as hard as possible to pay them off, and as easy as possible for them to manufacture an "error" to scrap their vote.


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I agree with Habsy Both sides are a problem. But right now I'm going after the one most likely to Harm me to a greater extant.. Never fear though In every primary I've been able to I have voted to replace David Price.. I just feel like he gives me a greater result as bad as he is then his Republican and mostly tea party challengers..
The Republicans actively want me to NOT have medical insurance.. The Democrats gave us a republican plan. (Invented to go against Hillary care) It's not good but it is BETTER then before.. It need improving and I'm VERY interested to see this Republican plan 10 years in the making at this point it's got to be the greatest ever... Like Duke Nukem Forever.. Oh wait that wasn't the greatest... Ok how about Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy? Oh wait that wasn't the greatest ever either.. Hell at this point I'll take a plan any plan other then don't get sick and if you do DIE fast..
Right now that's the Republican plan.. and will be until they have another..

I don't think electing people to run the government that believe government is BAD (TM) is good for results...
If I said Microsoft is bad and I was up for the board of Microsoft do you think they'd put me into that position? Or that they should F*** no..

Why should I elect a politician who think the work he's supposed to do is BAD.
Government can be better it can be more efficient.. But then again companies have similar inefficiencies.

(Using small made up numbers)
If a county library got 10k in a quarter for books if they don't spend every penny then when they ask for 10k for the next quarter what will happen is (Let say they spent 9k ish)they'll get 8k since they underspent and they shouldn't ask for so much.
Instead of thanks for not wasting the money..
It's like DA's that are only graded on convictions not on accuracy. It's like For profit prisons.. Companies MUST show profit how does a prison show more profit ? Incarcerate more people. Personally I'd love for there to be zero prisons.. It's not a reality but that to me should be the end goal..

Therefore I find Privatization of prisons to be abhorrent as they want MORE people in jail.


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They're setting the bar so low for Biden. Not that it matters. Biden could put on the best debater performance in history and half the media/social network landscape would say it was a disaster.


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every time you think you have your head wrapped around just how fucked up this presidency is, surprise!

Yeah, when you wish it was just a shitty case of tax fraud. Although still pretty circumstantial and hard to say exactly what is going on - likely still just a very complex way to keep moving money around to avoid taxes.


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Will be interesting if Warnock and one of the Rs make it through to the Jan 5 runoff and that's the seat that determines balance in the Senate. Imagine the resources that will get poured into that race.