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OT: American Politics


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Most of the politics thread is based around trump = bad. It's a bit weird that this is seen as controversial, especially to a Bernie bro. But they seem to challenge that thought just as much as Republicans. It's a weird cult. Weirder than the Maga cult for me. If you're racist, you're racist. I get it. But if you're a radical lefty, you should be more anti trump than anyone. But they aren't really. They're just anti everything except Bernie and they get mad when people say trump is bad because other people are bad too. Hell, the cult leader himself (Bernie) is fighting like hell to get Biden elected but the cult is like... Nah. #bothsides. I'd rather have trump win so the Dems know what they did to Bernie! Payback!!! Just a very angry and bizarre cult that don't actually care about the greater good despite following a man that does.
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The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust
Biden isn't here to be a pouncer. Biden is here because old white people know he's not a "socialist".

The next Democrat candidate will be a pouncer.
Yup. Pouncing is the last thing he needs to do. Old white people love him as is. Just sit back and let Trump be Trump.


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I don't believe that the debate moved polls that much.

Although I suppose there were some viewers that went in believing Fox's take that Biden is senile and Trump's is a decent human being. A few of those minds might have changed.

Remember, both SCOTUS and Trump's Taxes blew up in the last week, too.