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OT: American Politics


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One week of buildup, 24hrs of coverage of what Trump might say/what he said/what he actually meant” then one week of “what it means for American democracy”

The sensationalist news media will not be able to stay away.

Trump will realize that he’s even more powerful this way than with frequent angry Tweets.

And that’s our next 4 years.


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Not this time.
I believe the louder he gets the more charges will be pending...the more he riles up his base the harder it will be for him to get out of jail free.

It might take a little while but I think he's finally getting busted.

Wayward DP

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honestly I'm fully on the habsy boat now. I don't think there will be any civil or criminal charges laid against Trump directly. buncha cowards.

I am learning that you can always trust Washington to never do the right thing. or only to ever do it for the wrong reasons.

so I am going to keep calling 'smoke' anytime I see news stories like this, until we actually see any evidence of a real fire (i.e. charges)