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OT: American Politics


Keep in mind, only 6% of Texans have been vaccinated

Aggressive stupidity. Their "government hands off" approach worked so well with their energy supply.



Wayward Ditch Pig
yeah Mitchie does not know what to do with or how to handle the dotard any longer, methinks

Well, I think the answer here is that he never did. Him having easy, aligning goals to Trump is the only time he's ever had Trump on the same page as him. Trump was happy to leave Mitch the heavy lifting involved in some layups like SCOTUS noms, tax cuts and such.


Wayward Ditch Pig
They would rather throw America off of a cliff than admit that they're wrong about anything. Even when they know that they're lying.


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Three days ago half the Trumpanzees hated Seuss coz it’s not Jeebus and the other half can’t read it.

Now they care, because that finely coiffed gasbag needs to sell radio ads for gold and survivalist powdered foodstuffs.