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OT: American Politics


Wayward Ditch Pig
Amazing that we're back to this in 2021.

These fucks can't just admit that an entire period of American history was gross and that they need to be way better than that for everyone in the present day.

Anyone who thinks that this talk about modern day white supremacy is "wokeness" or whatever the **** is either entirely clueless, or a white supremicist running cover fire.


Wayward Ditch Pig
Yep, Donald helped them find their stones. They've always wanted to say the quiet part out loud but polite society had done a reasonable job of stressing how fucked up that is.

We're going to have to remind them now and just put up with them squealing "cancel culture".


Well-known member
I don't think there is any chance Tucker runs. He makes millions to scream at people on TV and he gets to control everything that is said around him. If he doesn't like a guest, he just shouts and ends the segment. Can't do that (or anyway, can't do that ALL the time) running for President.

Although Glenn Greenwald as Secretary of State could be sort of funny.