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OT: American Politics


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That's kind of the unique danger of Weinstein. He's become a complete nutter about this subject but does it while on the surface sounding calm and rational.


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The only reason why Weinstien is "famous" in the first place is because he was fired after that crazy no white people allowed at the college protest/riot.

It wasn't for anything he accomplished/published etc. He was a victim of circumstance that has proven to receive more attention than he earned over time.

What did it for me was before this COVID stuff he started a third party to "save America" like 3 months before the 2020 election. His plan was to draft Andrew Yang, and some right wing military general to run as Pres/VP (without their consent), and for all the independents to just give him their spots on the ballots because it was too late to get there himself. Then as soon as the election is over he just dropped it completely and moved onto Vax hesitancy and ivermectin. Classic grifter.

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the lesson that the GOP/fascist fucks took from 2020 was not, 'shit, our democracy is dangerously vulnerable to internal bad actors who seek to undermine our democratic institutions', but rather, 'oh wow, stealing an election is actually not that hard in the current system. Let's learn from all the things we did wrong and lay the groundwork to allow us to succeed in 2024 where we failed in 2020'.

and the Dems are like, 'but infrastructure!'


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Could DeSantis/Carlson take that road map and run with it or do they not have the same cult of personality surrounding them?

Or would they be even worse because they know they what shit to just dogwhistle? I dunno.