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OT: American Politics


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Common mistake.

There is only one group looking to cancel, and they are looking to cancel people, books, thinking...and they are actually holding key spots in office...so yeah, the worry is real.

On the other hand, I can promise you no one will be coming to your house to assign an new gender to your child.
I can also 100% guarantee that they are not coming for your guns, unless you mean the ones only made to kill 100's of people in seconds.


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it continues to amaze me that candace owens podcasts and videos get more than 25 views. this is why we are so vigilant of the American alt-right. it contains millions of total imbeciles.

This is why I say that we should show no mercy for the willfully ignorant, unvaxxed, Klownvoy idiots. Ignorance needs to be punished. It needs to come with a cost to the ignoramuses instead of to the rest of us who have to endure them.