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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about


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My understanding of the "no booster" argument is that they feel the doses would be better/more morally used in poor countries. There's some pragmatic logic in that as well, as if there is a final final boss coming, it will come out of an under vaccinated location (whether by choice, or lack of access doesn't matter to the virus), and not that the data suggests anything other than boosters being spectacular for immune response.
Yeah plus morally the right thing to do is give everyone in the world access to a shot before we even think of getting a third dose. I get that.

Another argument I've seen is this

Also fair.

But I believe the Lancet study referenced downplayed the amount of waning and questioned the upside of boosting.



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They said it's ok to go out even if you have COVID. All the partisan stuff on one side, that one I'll never get and cannot be forgiven.

Yeah, it would have been one thing to basically go to a "we don't want to actively manage this anymore" by just removing mask rules, gathering limits, etc....

But to egregiously go and have a proposal to remove quarantine requirements and change them to "suggestions", it just made no sense. It's like forcing restaurants to remove "Employees must wash hands" signs with "Employees shouldn't feel like they have to wash their hands." Ya, that's not exactly the restaurant I want to eat in anymore...