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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about


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Covid has certainly put the spotlight on hospital underfunding but if the past is any indication politicians will make all kinds of promises during elections. But, overcrowding, long waits for tests, surgery and ER waits etc. have been for years and will likely remain. I have no faith that much will change. I have yet to hear any creative measures from politicians to correct this long time and ongoing situation.


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C’mon, that’s just pure bullshit.

Not underspending by billions on health care and education during a global pandemic doesn’t require any creativity.

Don’t do this bothsides stuff.


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Was provided a huge chunk of money by the feds to avoid just this type of scenario as well.

Could have trained, hired, and protected a fuckload of nurses for that much


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They massively overhauled the health system, including funding flows and regional oversight, when they formed Ontario health in 2018. Bad luck with the pandemic occurring so soon after, but no excuses-the mess is theirs.

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of our three different office units in the building here, one office is completely empty save for one person (who had covid a couple weeks ago); and the other office has I want to say 50% of normal; and the main one (mine) is at 100%!

all absences I believe are covid-related...