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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about


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Was talking to someone who runs a non-profit nursing home in Ontario today. They’ve currently got about $3-4M in Covid funds given to them by the Ontario government during the pandemic sitting in their bank account right now, when their annual operating expenses are less than $1M per year.

Like a lot of healthcare facilities, they’re also experiencing a shortage of nurses. But they’re not allowed to spend a penny of those extra funds on nurses, and pay-raises to their existing nurses were strictly capped by the Ford government at 1% per year during the pandemic.

That rule is now gone as of this year, but the catch is that they’re not allowed to give their existing nursing staff raises based on past performance (which would include their performance during the pandemic).

Based on how strict the government rules are around spending that money, this retirement/long-term care home has essentially made the decision not to spend any of it, based on the expectation that the government will eventually demand it be paid back to them in full.

Just a small snap-shot of how the money is there for healthcare, but the Ford government absolutely doesn’t want it to be spent, and especially doesn’t want it to be spent on the front-line staff that keep our healthcare system running.