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OT: Fanboy fight: XBox V Playstation


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It's buggy, sure... but what's becoming apparent unfortunately is that it isn't a great game at all.

well, well short of what was promised and hyped.


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cyberpunk has a very slow start but damn it is getting awesome now

it has crashed once on me but AC has been MUCH worse and that game has been out for awhile now

not sure what was promised or hyped though


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Still rocking the warzone like a degenerate.

The rebirth resurgence mode is nice and chill. a little more forgiving since as long as you have another squad member alive you respawn.

easier to get wins and feel good about yourself lol.


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A little late to the party, but I've just played 2 games almost back to back that are in my Top 5 of all-time, which is pretty rare. You may have heard of them, Witcher 3 (fucking masterpiece) and just finished Red Dead Redemption 2, which is an absolutely amazing experience. Everything about it is fantastic from story to characters to gameplay to the world itself. I put Witcher 3 at #1 but man, RDR2 is right there.

Obviously high-profile games but if you haven't played either of these yet and like big open-worlds, check 'em out. I'm kind of sad today that RD2 is over because you get so invested in the world. Similar feeling to when you finally finish an epic book.



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Still playing RDR2 Online, but definitely not the same as the story-mode. Though there are still short story-modes in each of the main Career-paths. Moonshiner being the best of them IMO.


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I was pretty disappointed in the online for red dead when it came out but i am guessing it is improved now
I remember intentionally not beating the story mode because I did not want it to end.


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The new Halo: Infinite plays like old-school Halo, it's fantastic (esp. on Series X). Too bad they slapped the worst Battle Pass / Store system ever on top of it.