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OT: Favourite Youtube videos


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For Bowie's birthday, a great interview with Visconti on the making of Heroes, one of my favorite songs:



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Great tribute to Freddie Mercury. If you like guitar, watch this...



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I've mentioned it before...my cousin plays guitar for these guys. Not a bluegrass fan, but they got a Juno nomination so that's cool.


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Not a YouTube video. But I just saw a challenge on Twitter and thought it was funny the results....

Google up "Florida man" then your birthday and see what the hell is the headline....

Mine for April 19 is

Half-Nude Florida Man Wearing Underwear Marked "Breathalyzer, Blow Here" Arrested.

WTF [emoji12]

You try.

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Florida Man August 23rd

"FL man drives motorcycle with feet on freeway"

"Nearly naked man on bike stuns commuters on I-95 in Miami"

"Pantsless Florida Man Busted Driving Around with Drugs and a Suspended License"


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Oh my...

May 11: Florida man arrested after hiding legless, fugitive girlfriend in storage bin

When they arrived, he told them she was not there; however, officers saw through a bedroom window that Carr had put the 4-foot-tall woman into a plastic storage bin, according to the Ledger
The link in case you need the rest of the story (including what happened to her legs): https://www.wsbradio.com/news/national/florida-man-arrested-after-hiding-legless-fugitive-girlfriend-storage-bin-deputies-say/d9oQOudCYC2WqvFhrx5jQN/