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OT: ForumIce's list of all things useful

Wayward DP

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have you tried bilasport? that's where I watched the Raps run. dunno about the quality of their football streams but didn't have any complaints about the basketball.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I should mention to those in the States that the use of Torrents is a felony under the DMCA so like with sex, use protection if you go that route.


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Streaming, both legal and illegal has replaced a lot of the reasons for torrents.

With that said, there is still a thriving torrent scene for new movies, music and software, it's just not as ridiculously big as it was 10 years ago


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Is it so hard to start an “an all things useless” thread?


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I don't know know what exact amount of money I'd have to be paid to listen to this willingly, but I sure won't do it for free.
For the record, this autoplayed at me with subtitles on twitter. I did not watch willingly per se.


The Artist Formerly Known as chiggins.
Not sure the Real Kyper had any Real Effect on Freddie's play vs Ottawa.