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OT: Movies/TV Shows


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Netflix is ruining documentaries. I watched Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Its 4 hour runtime broke down something like this:

2.5 hours - eerie shots of the LA skyline, the outside of the hotel, and the inside of the hotel.
1 hour - interviews with people who had nothing to do with the case, but could talk about what a seedy shit hole the hotel is or that area of LA is.
25 minutes - a voice reading the girls tumblr posts, or describing what she did in the days prior, none of which led anywhere.
5 minutes - actual facts about the case (it was pretty simple)

I didn't know anything about the case going in. If I had of, I would have looked at this thing being a 4-part series and said "nah".
that is one of the better ones

i am not sure how they managed to make the son of sam murderer boring but they did


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My wife loves all the true crime stuff. What I pick up, as I'm doing something else, is the guy's voice. "Betty was your average suburban mom off getting some groceries for her kids."

..and then I'm, "oooh...I don't think Betty's coming back"
I’m more thinking, nobody thought anything of the lye she was picking up along with the shovel, rope and gloves.


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SNL went with Keegan-Michael Key this week. You couldn't be more polar opposite from Elon. Keegan is perfect for the show.

The Jordan skit was brilliant.


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Roku released a bunch of originals on their Roku Channel today. Some of them look really good. Movies and series'.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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Actually, I’m still awake. Went to the beach at 5 am and waited for the sunrise. Slept an hour on the beach waiting.