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OT: Movies/TV Shows


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Late night talk shows are the worst. Letterman and Conan did the best with them for sure. And Jon Stewart/Colbert if those count.

can’t believe anyone thinks Fallon is funny.


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I'm pretty sure Dave didn't write the top 10 lists and they were probably the worst part of the show.
Quick backtrack into agreeing that those lists were garbage, but isolating Dave from them? I accept.

Funny thing about Letterman is that he came off as such a creep. There are things he did with female guests that were particularly cringeworthy, very difficult to watch. And then his infidelities with employees that came to light. Whatever, no moral judgment there, but he never struck me as a good guy. Yet I just read Mike Ovitz's excellent book and he has a whole chapter on him that makes him sound like a great guy in private.


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The one that gets me is Colbert. The Colbert Report was legendary, and obviously he had to move on to something else eventually. But to box himself into a lame late night gig telling boring political jokes is just sad. Would have loved to see what he came up with on his own. I listened to a podcast recently with him on it and was laughing my ass off for 40 minutes straight. Just a hilarious manic energy when he can say whatever he wants. Such a waste.


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I've wasted more hours on Norm rabbit holes than anything in my life, and I get obsessive over a lot of random shit as most folks may know. I've seen every single one of his videos/appearances/standup acts multiple times and yeah.. Always feels like it's the first time watching it.

Weird timing though. I did it far more regularly 5-10 years ago but in the last week or 3 I've been watching his videos every day and even found out about the news while watching one. So weird. I listened to him on a podcast not long ago (it was about 5 years old I believe) of him talking about death and battling diseases. He said (and I'm paraphrasing) "if I had a fatal disease, and I might, you wouldn't know." Whole podcast was about death and admiring folks who don't pimp out their cancer for sympathy. He became very spiritual in his later years so this kinda makes a lot of sense in hindsight.


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He never really made it as big as he should have because his audience was his fellow comics. They all knew he was a genius. The average person never really quite grasped him or his style but he played to his peers and the people he respected.

Still upset that the studio butchered dirty work, his big movie. The original was apparently clearly a rated R movie but they edited the fuck out of it after it was shot, with no reshoots, so it could be more family friendly. Still an awesome movie but I would love to see the uncut version.
Even edited down it's funny AF.

I, of course, loved the part at the beginning when his girlfriend tosses all his clothes out the window and he sees a kid wearing a Habs jersey and he says "Hey, that's my Habs jersey!"

Like any good Ottawan, Norm was a big Habs and Expos fan. I believe his father was in the military. He was born in Quebec City but grew up in Ottawa, along with his brother, former CBC News correspondent Neil MacDonald (who is, in turn, married to CTV News host Joyce Napier)


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I know there is this reverence for Letterman. I really never got it. Not even in his prime or in his later years. I mean, the Top Ten List was probably the perfect encapsulation of his comedy. If you found that funny, I guess you found him funny. But I thought it was the least funny shit out there, couldn't even believe they did it every night. Not my cup of tea.

And Kimmel doesn't belong in the same category as Conan. He's definitely a notch below.
I remember watching Letterman waaaay waaaay back when he had a mid-morning show and even back then I could tell he was on to something. He was not like anyone else and you could sense a bit of a subversive undertone to him which really appealed to me. Clearly his employers were not in on the joke.

There's a book (the title of which escapes me at the moment) that recounts the late night wars and everything that happened when Carson decided to retire and NBC went about the process of replacing him. Carson wanted Letterman to succeed him but the suits wanted the safe, corporate choice that Leno provided. Network execs always suspected (correctly) that Letterman was mocking them. So they went with Leno and of course it was the wrong move and NBC was ready to pull the plug on Leno a few months into his tenure and offer it to Letterman. But Letterman's agent put the kibosh on that by telling Letterman that even though it was his dream to host the Tonight Show, that's not what he was really being offered. It wasn't "the Carson Show" anymore, now it was merely the failing Jay Leno show and why would he ever want that? So instead, Letterman left NBC and got his 11:30 gig on CBS instead.

But while Letterman did very well, Leno eventually started winning in the ratings, not because he was ever better than Letterman but because most viewers are fucking morons who like to be pandered to by Leno rather than be mocked for their ignorance by a Letterman.

I don't spend a lot of time on late night talk shows anymore but I will watch the "Closer Look" segments from Seth Myers because he roasts Trump on the regular. Those are well done bits because they play to Myers' strengths. As an interviewer he's nothing special and none of the current hosts are better interviewers than Letterman was, let alone Carson. Jimmy Fallon is a buffoon and only seems like a nice guy but I've read articles alluding to a dark side that involves no small amount of alcohol abuse. He's shown up on his show wearing bandages and casts and has explained his injuries in the same disingenuous way that victims of spousal abuse tend to do. I'm expecting him to be exposed at some point.


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Letterman's performance on Cabin Boy was legendary.
And Letterman's Oscar hosting was amazing. Don't listen to the nonsense about him being a bust. He was the best ever. People just repeat it because he says it. His Arnold joke about asking Maria out for their first date and using "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" as the line (Film was nominated for best foreign film) was the best Oscar joke ever.


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And Letterman's Oscar hosting was amazing. Don't listen to the nonsense about him being a bust. He was the best ever. People just repeat it because he says it. His Arnold joke about asking Maria out for their first date and using "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" (Film was nominated for best foreign film) was the best Oscar joke ever.
Hollywood doesn't like having their own thin-skinned vanity thrown into their faces. That's why Letterman was never asked to host a second time. But he kept it real.