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OT: Soccer thread

If we can sell Hojbjerg it sounds like we plan to make a £45m bid for Conor Gallagher, while still trying to get a Brennen Johnson deal done.

I’ll be pumped if they’re able to thread that needle and pull it off. Gallagher would be pretty ideal for our style of play.
- Fulham have submit a bid for Hojbjerg….having a tough time talking into the move, as he believes he can be starting XI for higher calibre clubs (not wrong).

- If Hojbjerg is sold, expectation is Spurs will submit a £45m offer for Conor Gallagher…..and negotiations are going on between the two clubs now.

- Ansu Fati was offered to Tottenham on loan, but Postecoglou ultimately vetoed it, as he preferred if the club went all in on acquiring Brennen, versus accepting a loan for Fati with no option to buy.

- Brennen Johnson deal seems to be on the one yard line, fee will possibly be slightly under £40m…..but with the potential to rise to £50m. He apparently rejected both Brentford and Chelsea for Spurs.

- Spurs bid of £20m for Lloyd Kelly was rejected, but expectation is they’ll make another run.

- some rumors of bids for Davinson Sanchez, but I think if Kelly deal can’t get done, we just keep him. Which I might prefer tbh.

- Tanganga loan is for €1m euros with obligation to buy between €6-9m, if they avoid relegation, and Tanganga makes a certain number of appearances.
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I’m a moron who knows nothing, but from everything I’ve seen I’d pay £45m for Gallagher quicker than I would for Brennen Johnson.

One upside for us is that, Gallagher came up through Chelsea’s academy, so if they sell him every dollar is viewed as FFP profit…think that could help our cause.

Orstein bomb on the price.

…stoked it’s a 6 year deal tho, makes the transfer fee almost irrelevant for a kid this age, and the odds he can increase/maintain his value under Ange. 👌🏼

Fulham offered £30m but PEH turned down a move there, so if we’re pivoting to a possible loan with obligation from Athletico….would believe we must be semi-confident in a Gallagher deal, then.
Udogie just is the best left back in the Prem…..amazing defensively today, great steal in the final third to set up Maddison for goal #3.

….and as I’m typing Vicario makes a spectacular leaping save….what a stud he’s been.
@zeke do you pay much attention to the analytics in football at all?

everyone uses footballref, and it struck that in a sport like this where team tactics, formation, etc play such a huge role it’s odd that there isn’t any “rel” stats (that I’m aware of)…..seems like a huge blind spot for the publicly available data that could easily be done, and would provide far more insight into the quality of the player.

Like Brennen Johnson has a pretty meh footballref page….but he also was top two in the vast majority of Nottingham Forrest xStats….like led the team in xG but it was obviously somewhat muted relative to other teams top guys, given their place in the standings and -30 in goal differential.
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Udogie just is the best left back in the Prem…..amazing defensively today, great steal in the final third to set up Maddison for goal #3.

Happy to report that I later saw the best tactics analyst I follow, from a Tottenham podcast, echoed this sentiment later that night and went a step further saying he’s prob in the top 4 LB’s in the world. (and he literally scouts players from all over the world, as his full time job for said podcast).

If he was a Brighton find, they’d be selling him next summer for £70-80m.