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OT: Soccer thread

Solid 1st half has Canada in very good position. Couple crazy saves by the Jamaican keeper to keep it close tho.

I'm really enjoying the formation, mostly because it's giving us a good look without needing old man Vitoria in the middle of the defense. A nice young squad other than the old man in net.

David 23 --- Larin 28

Davies 23 --- Eustaquio 26 --- Kone 21 --- Buchanan 24

Laryea 28 --- Miller 26 --- Cornelius 25 --- Johnston 25

and it's a free flowing formation with either of the 2-man winger combos able to attack with flair on either side.
and canada poops all over itself with two hilarious giveaways and now jamaica has tied it on aggregate and everything to play for now.

Kone makes up for the brutal giveaway by heading one in. Back in the driver's seat.
ref gives two yellows to the same jamaican for time wasting within 2 minutes and jamaica is down a man.

not much time left
If any of your guys get a chance to catch a Villa-Tottenham replay this week, I cannot recommend it more…..one of the best high octane games in the Prem this season. Brilliant stuff.

At minimum I’d track down the long form highlights and watch that crack cocaine of football film.