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OT: The Because Science Thread


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If I lived a little closer to a dark sky preserve I would consider the fuck out of taking it up. I have tons of camera kit already, but the nearest preserve is up near Bracebridge and has apparently turned into a shit show since covid.


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Anywhere people can get to easily fills up now.

I have more than enough camera equipment, I started with a simple telescope a few years back for looking at the moon, now I want more and it's easier and easier to get good stuff, computers changed everything lol.

...but yeah, you either have the viewing opportunity at home or (like most people), you need something portable because it's so hard to see the night sky now.


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Hard to believe the day is finally here. For the longest time it didn't feel like SLS would ever get off the ground.

Hopefully all goes well and Artemis stays on schedule. It's crazy that man landed on the moon in the sixties but then no one's gone beyond low-earth orbit or set their boots down on extraterrestrial soil in my lifetime and then some. It's about time.


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I guess it’s only appropriate that the Senate Launch System would hit us with at least one more delay when it appeared all set to go.