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OT: The MFing High Times Thread


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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So I’ve read some people mention that they have trouble sleeping sometimes. I tried this for the first time two nights ago, it’sa strain developed in Israel, it is the mellowest, smooth strain I’ve ever tried and I slept like a baby. Tried it again last night and the same result. Highly recommend giving it a try if you can get it.

It’s called Eran Almog and I’m sold. So smooth for sleep.


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Cresco labs purchased vidacann last year and terminated the deal before it closed. Dodged a bullet. Of all operators in Florida they may be the worst in terms of operational success. But that doesn't mean they don't have solid products!
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Not weed but booze related. Is anyone else using "BevTri" for free samples? Its really picked up the last month with 4 or 5 samples delivered recently.