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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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I have a feeling Giannis will be a buck for his career.
Also think Masai is gone when his contract is up.


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It's probably Philly wanting out of Horford's contract. 3x27 left for what is he now, 33 yr old Al? 1x15 for floor spacing Danny is a much better way forward for them.

Works well for OKC though too sort of. 1 yr left of Steven Adams at the position and nobody else getting paid for a few years.


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From ESPN:

PG Malachi Flynn
6'2"185 lbsSan Diego State

Pre-Draft Analysis​

After two solid years at Washington State, Flynn broke through as an elite college point guard after transferring to San Diego State. Size (he's 6-foot-1) could be an issue for Flynn in the NBA, but he's a capable shooter with good markers in terms of reading the game. - Pelton


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"Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino tweeted from Greece, where he was coaching a pro club: “Malachi Flynn might be the best guard I’ve seen all year.”

He would be named second team all-American by most publications and first team by a few. His “win shares” metric of 7.4 ranked first in the NCAA. He graded in the 96th percentile in pick-and-roll efficiency and led the Mountain West in steals and assist-to-turnover ratio."


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29. Toronto Raptors: PG Malachi Flynn, San Diego State

This pick made a lot of sense when many thought Fred VanVleet would leave Toronto. I love Flynn. He's polished and smart and a proven winner, and he's particularly great in pick-and-roll offense. Grade: B+


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with the 29th pick the raps select... fred van vleet?

“He’s played his way into everything he’s ever gotten,” SDSU coach Brian Dutcher says. “He’s exceeded expectations. No one’s every projected him anything. He just played his way there, which is the beauty of it. He produces, and eventually with all that production you have to take notice.”

He won’t blow past you with his dribble; instead he’ll get your body weight leaning in the wrong direction with a lethal hesitation move. He won’t dunk on you; he’ll scoop the ball off the dribble underhand and kiss it off the backboard before you can block it. He won’t rise up and shoot over you; he’ll step back and loft a jumper from well behind the NBA 3-point line.