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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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If you're Ujiri, it's gotta be really tempting to hit the eject button.

you already made it to the top of the mountain with 1 hand tied behind your back. you can't beat that, and it's going to be very tough to duplicate. your legacy is already set.

I want him to stay, but I'd understand if he cashed in on his Raps title elsewhere.


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Maxey is going to be a star. The Sixers are hesitant to include him in a deal for Harden. They ain't dealing him and Thybulle for Lowry.


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Yea I don’t see it as that much. We aren’t getting a primo player back. Maxey is a pretty good prospect. Thybulle might be a good rotation player at some point. And the pick(s) will be really late.

Giving them Lowry might be giving them a Chip.


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I wish it was Ujiri getting that 5 year extension over Shapiro.

Maxey is a good looking prospect. Star in the making is a bit of a reach at this point. I like him quite a bit but I see a McCollum type player at best. Good but not a star. Thybulle is a scrub with rotation potential.

def not getting a lot for an all star in Lowry that definitely elevates any teams ceiling. Even if it’s only for this year.


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Rockets look to come away as the big winner in this. Removed a cancer, added Dipo (who is risky, but has started to at least look something resembling the old Dipo) and a bucket of picks/swaps.

I don't see this meeting of the supreme egos in Brooklyn ending well.