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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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wow...that was a quick move up for Finch

The Nick Nurse coaching tree is a thing.


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Was just reading on Twitter that some of the players on the Wolves are upset with this hire. Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard questioned "why Timberwolves assistant coach David Vanterpool wasn’t given a chance given that he was already on the team’s bench"?
They say it is racist that they didn't hire Vanterpool, who is already on the bench.
My question is don't you think that he was part of the problem?
Also, if the raptors ever get a legitimate big, then I believe they will be back in the finals again.


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Valenciunus, Capela, and Vucevic just in the most recent stretch of games.

iirc we played Jonas off the court in the 4th.

lemme check:

Vucevic Jan 31: 15pts (27.8%), 3orb, 4ast/2to, -20 --> Raps win by 13 (with no OG)
Vucevic Feb 2: 21pts (47.4%), 0orb, 4ast/3to, -14 ---> Raps win by 15 (with no OG)
Capela Feb 6: 23pts (76.9%), 3orb, 0ast/1to, +9 ----> Raps lose by 11 (with no OG)
Jonas Feb 8: 27pts (66.7%), 10orb, 3ast/3to, +4 -----> Raps win by 15 (with no OG)

I think we held Vucevic to subpar performances in both games.

I'll grant you that Capela and Jonas dominated the paint though - at the same time though they were able to exploit Jonas down the stretch defensively which was a big part of the win.

And since then we handled the big frontcourts of both Milwaukee and Philly very well. Might even say we exposed them. Having OG back was a big part of that.


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on another note, are we the perfect team to take down the Nets?

Siakam on KD.
OG on Harden.
Fred on Kyrie.

Lowry and Boucher running around like madmen on help D.

And they likely can't lock us down defensively as well as some other teams might.


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Would be nice to have a Center that can matchup in certain situations. A quality rotation big to throw out there for Nurse. Baynes doesn’t cut it.

I have my doubts we’ll get one. I wouldn’t gut our depth.


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He's still trash. If a good big comes available via buyout, we should be first in line.
Depends what said good big ( Drummond, Cousins, Griffin ( is he still a thing)) wants. Playing time or a ring chase, we wont be top choice for the former, and Lebron will offer league min all day.