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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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how good a deal are you getting for Lowry anyway at this point?

I would imagine both LA teams + Phi would bid as high as possible....but I just don't think either has the kind of assets to make it interesting. You want at least one high end young asset back and I don't see them having any.


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If you can get Maxie, Thybulle and a 1st as a base from Philly maybe, but **** these LA teams.

Lowry is solid but if the right deal comes along you got to pull the trigger .

I get the luv but team isnt winning a title and a retool is in order soon

Team cant really afford to overpay a nice player like Norm , with 70 mil tied to 3 players not including Lowry


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Paying Norm terrifies me

He has earned the right for his last big payday

But he is just a nice rotational player....AKA the most overpaid players in the 18-20 mil range

Norm doesnt move a needle and the team as constructed isnt contending for a title

Team needed to be in that GSW 3-5 year title run phase where you could justify it and then deal with the cap later , do whatever too keep a contending core in place .