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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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i think crowded roster is being generous.

they blew a gaping hole into flynn's position, and he had a head start on taking those minutes from last year.

and he's at a stage where he needs minutes.

the coaching staff not only not feeding him minutes... but stating publicly that he has to earn back a spot in the rotation... isn't a great sign for him.

There's already like 6 guys on the team younger than him (scottie, precious, Trent, banton, champagnie, bonga), and all of them were more impressive than him in summer league, preseason, and now in regular season.

Heck, he's only 1yr younger than OG.


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I think you guys are over thinking it. Malachi was solid and efficient last year aside from one very important aspect of his game...he couldn't shoot it at a NBA level yet. Defence was good, his ability to run the point was good, but was a bit of a brick layer. When you break his shooting down from last season you see a good finisher inside 10 feet despite his size but really struggled in the mid range (24%) and was bad but just kinda bad from outside (32%). Early returns appear to show that his jumper is smoother this year, quicker trigger, hitting off the dribble. So if that was his core deficiency and he's largely fixed it, whatever he's done to have his opportunity taken away from him, he's just opportunity away from carving a solid role out again and this time for keeps. He's a nice player, just needed to add a shot that it looks like he's added.


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it does look like teams were sleeping on barnes.

he was raw out of college but great athlete, good work ethic, has confidence and seems like a good kid.

not hard to see why masai likes him.


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Man I really hope the lakers truly suck all year.

Flynn will have a chance to get his spot back. He gotta watch out for Banton tho. Banton isn’t a shooter but neither is Flynn really. Banton brings that hustle tho, Flynn needs to match that, which I think he can.

most important thing I seen tonight was the hustle and energy that Trent had on D. If he can sustain that it completely changes my view on him.


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I don't think Banton is long for the league at this point. They're not going to leave him on the bench getting 8-10 minutes on a good night in an energy role (played 3 minutes tonight). 905 schedule doesn't kick off until Nov 11, the kids (including Banton) will all get their cup of coffee/extended interview between now and then but the whole bag of them (Delano, Champagnie, Johnson) are likely to see G League action starting in November.

We're running at 15 bodies right now with both Pascal & Yuta due back relatively soon.

Roster will probably look something like this:


Less obvious but pretty obvious


That leaves us at 14 spots with 3 G League eligible kids (Delano-Champ-Johnson). We can pick to keep one, or run at 14 bodies and give all 3 kids max burn in the G league.


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This team will be very good quicker than we expect. Ridiculously great retool after winning a title. Mangeement group is incredible.