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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


Wayward Ditch Pig
I think Sharpe and another 1 is good enough to get me there.

I don’t really want Ayton

Salaries gotta match up, but maybe a Nurkic-Ayton swap in the 3 way fuckery and Portland gets him. Or not, but Phoenix is going to be a motivated partner is some big moves this summer and we need another dance partner to make the salaries work.

Dunno. But yeah, you're right. Scoot, Shaedon, Simons and some decent salary stuff gets me there. Shaedon went on a rip at the end of the season when Dame got injured. 8 of his final 10 games were 20+ point games, 5 of those 25+ point games. At 19 yrs old, that's impressive. Already shoots the 3 well, insanely athletic. Legit superstar potential there. Scooty + Shaedon could be a championship core in a few years.