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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays

Re: OT - The Toronto Blue Jays

yeah but those incentive-laden deals were all 500k-1mn base plus another 2-3mn in incentives.

that's where im' saying that money should have gone to.

as for johnson repeating his 06 season... that season was as big an outlier as his 07 campaign. he's not going to hit 320 and post an 870 ops.

even if you take out both the last two years as outliers, you're getting a guy posting an OPS in the mid-.700s (and significantly higher against lefties), who's a gold glove caliber fielder as well.

the only real question mark with Johnson is his back - is it going to keep on bothering him?
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Prior or Clement I would have taken a flyer on, but Colon is way beyond done...
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I'll mention it again, both those guys were not gonna sign in the AL. they needed a good year (which they can have in the NL) to get a multi-year deal next winter
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fed up? they tried it in ONE season.

and they brought in a couple of career 4th/5th starters, not a former cy young winner.

prior is 28. clement is 34.

of course they are going to rely on halladay, burnett, mcgowan and marcum. taht doesn't change the fact that three of those pitchers have question marks. and you cannot depend on one pitcher in that list you've provided. three of thsoe pitchers aren't there yet (wolfe, banks and purcey), chacin has been as bad and as injured as the vets i mentioned. litsch's stuff isn't very good and there is a good chance that he sees a big dropoff like chacin on his second or third go around. janssen i like, but who nkows how he'll adapt coming back out of the pen.

I know JP was interested in Clement, and would have signed him for a minimum deal. Might have been interested in the other two as well......but they all probably wanted to go to teams with a) more opportunity to start and b) better pitchig parks and c) not in Canada.

I don't think we'd have been happy to see JP go out and outbid other teams for thes guys.
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So, what is the prognosis for this team? Another 3rd place finish?

I think they could make the playoffs in a best case scenario if McGowan and Marcum improve, Halladay and Burnett stay healthy and Wells plays like Wells of two years ago.
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Cautious optimism in Toronto

Each of the last two years, J.P. Ricciardi thought the Blue Jays had a chance to be a very good team and win 90 or more games, if some things fell their way. And while the Jays won 87 games and finished ahead of the Red Sox in 2006, they were hammered by injuries early in 2007 and closed with 83 victories.

The Jays are in camp again, and again, you can glance at the Toronto roster and consider what could be, and you envision a way in which this team could shock the American League. The Jays have a legitimate ace in Roy Halladay, a rising young star in Dustin McGowan, and a deep group of talented starters and relievers. B.J. Ryan is less than a year removed from Tommy John surgery, and yet it appears there is a real chance he will open the season on the Opening Day roster. Toronto may have the best pitching staff in the AL East, and maybe even in the AL.

Sure, there are questions about the offense: Can Vernon Wells bounce back and be what he was in 2006, rather than in 2007? Can Frank Thomas get off to a better start? Can Lyle Overbay recover from his 2007 injury? Will the Jays get away from their free-swinging traits of last summer and show more patience, a la Boston and the Yankees?

There is reason to think good thoughts, but Ricciardi is not dwelling on them, after seeing what happened in 2006 and 2007. "You could say that I'm cautiously optimistic," he said.

Ryan had reconstructive surgery on his left elbow last May 10, and typically, players have required at least a year of rehabilitation from the Tommy John operation. But 10 months later, Ryan feels good, Ricciardi said. And he looks good, with his arm angle higher. The Jays are not looking ahead, not assuming anything, not pushing to meet any arbitrary calendar benchmarks. "He throws, we take a look at it, and then we move on to the next day," said Ricciardi.

Ryan threw live batting practice Thursday and was satisfied with his brief workout, writes Jeff Blair.

If Ryan can take over as the Jays' closer, then the Jays will have a couple of attractive options: They could move Casey Janssen, who fared very well as a setup man last year, into a starter role to build a really deep rotation that also includes Halladay, Burnett, McGowan and Shaun Marcum; or the Jays could keep Janssen in the 'pen and give themselves a chance to have an extraordinary relief corps, with Ryan, Janssen, Jeremy Accardo, Scott Downs, Brian Wolfe, Brian Tallet and Brandon League. The guess here is that the Jays would go the latter route and opt for greater bullpen depth.

If Burnett can stay healthy, if Ryan comes back, if Wells hits, the AL East will have three excellent teams in the Red Sox, Yankees and Jays, and another evolving team in the Rays. That would make it very difficult for two teams to make the playoffs out of the East.
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So, what is the prognosis for this team? Another 3rd place finish?

I think they could make the playoffs in a best case scenario if McGowan and Marcum improve, Halladay and Burnett stay healthy and Wells plays like Wells of two years ago.

I don't think we need McGowan and Marcum to improve - if they just stay the same as last year, they're great #3 and #4 starters already. If they improve, then we're looking real good.

Really, if all the players on average have "typical" years, this team is looking very good.
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they need overbay to bounce back. he boucnes back and he gives them that legit middle of the order threat vs. righties that the lineup lacked last season (though stairs bounceback year certainly helped alleviate this, the tradeoff in left field due to the lack of a legit platoon option--not to mention lind's disappointments--still left a big hole in the lineup).
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Some Jays Notes:

DUNEDIN, Fla. - The Toronto Blue Jays signed reliever Armando Benitez to a minor-league contract on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old right-hander split last season between the San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins, going a combined 2-8 with 17 saves and an earned-run average of 5.37.


TAMPA, Fla. - Gustavo Chacin is no longer in the running to be the fifth starter for the Toronto Blue Jays, who suddenly found themselves with some other things to worry about Tuesday.

The left-hander was pounded for four runs in two innings of a 6-1 Grapefruit League drubbing from the New York Yankees.

His poor outing came after right-hander Casey Janssen was scratched from a simulated game in the morning due to soreness in his right shoulder and was scheduled to undergo an MRI.

The potential loss of Janssen, slated to be either the club's fifth starter or set-up man, would be a big blow to the team, although there was no immediate word on the severity of the injury.

''I think I am 80 per cent right now, but I am feeling better every time out,'' Chacin said.

That slow buildup is why Chacin was never really considered a likely candidate for the fifth starter's job,

''No, he hasn't been. We knew that,'' said Jays manager John Gibbons.

Re: OT - The Toronto Blue Jays

The Fan 590 in Toronto reports that Casey Janssen will miss the season with a torn labrum.

Janssen will undergo surgery after cutting a Tuesday warmup short due to pain in his right shoulder. Jesse Litsch will likely break camp as the team's fifth starter, and suddenly that Armando Benitez signing makes a little more sense. Janssen was a workhorse for the Jays last season, appearing in 70 games and finishing 2-3 with a stellar 2.35 ERA.
Thats a quality bullpen arm lost. Would of been nice to see him in that 7th inning role (in front of Accardo and Ryan). He was also an option for the 5th starter too_Ots good thing we have some bullpen depth though.
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Thank God League is back to where he was 2 years ago. He should fill in that 7th inning role nicely. There's also a guy like Wolfe who pitched real well under the radar last year. Still would of nice to have had Janssen, League and Accardoset up Ryan.
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dear lord, this city is infected with injuries.

let's pray that Ryan can be effective ASAP.
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i also hope thta they don't rush ryan back. he is signed for too long to cause permanent damage.

as always, though, this season will rest on the starting five. if mcgowan repeats last year they'll be fine. of cousre, there is a good possibility that both mcgowan and hallady pitch even better in 2008 than they did in 2007.
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It is crazy.

The Raps have missed a combined 42 games alone from Bosh and Ford this year.

The Leafs are near the top in terms of man games lost due to injury again this year.

The Jays had key injuries to Wells, Ryan, Burnett, Halladay, Glaus, Overbay, League among others last year.