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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays

Wayward DP

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Offseason isn’t over. So many free agents still available. All of the top ones are available. Let’s wait and see how it shakes out for spring training before we get the pitchforks out. This is a pretty big offseason for Shatkins. They can really earn some good will with the fans this offseason.
your indefinite patience for all things shatkins is remarkable. especially when contrasted with your abject lack of patience for all things raptors...


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Also, he looks like the ******* dean from Scent of a Woman, so I think about that every time I see him and get MAD for what he tried to do to poor Charlie.



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What the ****?

Though I guess this doesn’t change much for me anyway. As long as Rogers still owns and operates this team, I wasn’t going to watch any games or pay attention to them no matter which shmuck they put in charge of the team.

Even so, it’s still stunning that this loser merits a long-term extension in their eyes.


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How is anyone surprised that Shapiro got an extension? He's the corporate man who replaced Beeston - he's basically here until he retires, barring some truly major screw-up.