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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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To Roark’s credit, he didn’t lose the no hitter until the second pitch (first pitch was a ball.) Roark made it to the number 4 hitter before giving up a HR. 6th hitter took him deep as well. Could have been worse.


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The following arms are better than Roark


an opener
a FA like Porcello

Milone ( probably?, same thing? whatever)

There is simply no reason, other than 12M$ to keep tossing this guy out there, and when you spend massively on Springer/Semien and want to be a contender you need to cut bait as soon as possible.

Like, they should bump him to long man and DFA Milone today, and use Kay, or at minimum when Ray comes back, do that, or DFA Roark and keep Milone as long man.

Also, at this juncture, Johnathan Davis serves more of a purpose than Rowdy Tellez. If Tellez isn't hitting he's literally useless. Grichuk has earned the DH PA to start the year, and Davis serves a purpose with his glove late in games, and on base in extras. Rowdy should go to the alt site for Springer. Or just you know, DFA Joe Panik, cause apparantly Montoyo thinks he should DH, ever. Idiot.


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Rowdy will get a decently long leash because he's one of few LH bats. Too bad they weren't playing in Boston sooner. It's good to see Grichuk off to a hot start, because he is probably going to be useless for 3-4 months as always.

Panik is terrible, but every team needs a backup MI, and that player is usually the worst hitter on the team. Panik is also a lefty, so he's going to be around until they find a better backup LH hitter who can play the middle infield. Obviously he shouldn't DH, but I don't think we're going to be seeing a lot of that, Montoyo just wanted to get him into the lineup in the first week. Their other option right now is Breyvic Valera, who isn't on the roster and also sucks. Santiago Espinal and Logan Warmoth are probably next in line, but they both hit R and are also both terrible hitters. Or maybe they should bring back Ryan Goins and give him 450 PA again.

Roark sucks, but this is their own fault. Management decided they didn't need to upgrade SP this offseason. Although after Pearson and Ray went down, I thought they were going to be "assertive" in signing someone else. I think Roark gets 4-5 starts minimum, and if they're all bad, they might bring in a replacement. If it were up to me, I'd DFA him today and give his spot to Kay.