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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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Ok then. Re Berrios, I’m open to seeing if he actually contributes to a playoff run this year. Some of you should understand that it a SP adds 2 wins in the last 1/3 of the season after the deadline, that’s a Cy Young level performance, but it might only add 2 wins to the team’s record.

Re Martin, skepticism is warranted as it is with almost any prospect, but most of you seem to be getting led to a foolish point of view by a guy who has some pretty embarrassing baseball takes. Control your expectations accordingly.

Speaking of embarrassing - there's a guy I know who keeps bitching about a massive deadline deal our team made to get an SP giving us a 3.31era and turbocharge the entire team to close the playoffs gap he claimed was impossible to close.....all because it cost us an "advanced bat" hitting .260 with zero power and no glove in AA.


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Buck getting dumped for being a Vax idiot would be perfect
Like, even if you like his brand of commentary ( which you shouldn't) there is no way you can tell me he is not less effective at his job broadcasting from his Del Boca Vista condo.

In the wake of all these teams firing employees for not getting vaxxed the Jays should not tolerate Buck and this horseshit. Promote Ben Wagner and go with a 3 man booth with Wagner, Dan ( as much as he's willing to do) and keep Tabler ( he's not an asset, but away from Buck he's harmless at least)


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Springer is a fucking stud going to 3rd on that play on what i presume is a crushed Doirto knee.

Also how are the Rays this good using this level of garbage in Michael Wacha?