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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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:unsure: Well if the whole offence can be cold at the same time there is no reason they couldn't all get hot at the same time.
They don't even need everyone to be hot at the same time. If the supporting guys like Whit, Varsho, etc.. just play to their averages, and you have a couple of the top guys like Vlad and Kirk actually go on a hot streak, the team is as good as anyone in the AL.

The problem this year is that that simple has not happened at all. The team is cursed that everyone someone has like a 5 game hot streak, someone else sets a record for futility for the next 15 games.


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They need to be willing to sit guys like Whit and Chapman until they find themselves. Both have been unfathomably bad and should lose reps to Biggio Clement and Horwitz depending on matchup.

Also I’m very curious to watch Chad Hreen down the stretch, I’d rather pick up his option then dip into the unknown RP market. This pen has bones going into 24


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Chapman had an incredible first 6 weeks to the season. Everything else since then has been worse upon worse.

As good as his defence might be his bat has been a liability.

No way I want him back next year at the price he is going to think he deserves.

Shame, I remember in spring training he was talking about his new approach. It seemed to work in the beginning. Now, I do not know what the fuck he is doing up there.


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I doubt chapman's price was boosted by the eaely hotness as most thought and i doubt it's been dragged down much since.

He's going to be a 31yr old 3B with a good but not great bat and good defense.


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Rangers losing 9-1 in the 9th. Good news, but at the same time their series against the Jays is the only time they've looked not awful in like 2 months. And they looked way way better than just not awful.