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OT:World Politics


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I'm actually kind of smug, because the news has largely moved on from Covid-19, no more over the top coverage, just a update on the spread and on to other things.

More important things to cover for the news networks. Dem primaries, first nations rail blockade, zamboni driver.

And the public, by in large have moved on as well.

So in a month, the news went from "ahhhhhh, everyone is going to die! " to "Meh, covid-19, sucks, but on to Bernie Sanders". I'm most pleased at the change.

Every other forum I'm on, nobody gives a shit. The one place that seems to still care is you weird people at forumice, mostly leaf fans. I really couldn't care less about it, and I'll do like the news, and most of the public. Slowly let it fade into the background. Like I said it would.