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OT:World Politics


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Bozonaro plotting a self-coup, apparently, with the backing of Big Agriculture, military/police and, of course, Evangelical nutbags.


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What idiocy.
Back when I was a kid there were people who hated official bilingualism because it offended them to see French words on their box of Corn Flakes. And those same people also lost their shit when Trudeau the elder brought in the metric system.

Come to think of it, every reform that Trudeau ever championed, from when he was Justice Minister under Lester Pearson and all the way through his mostly uninterrupted tenure as PM during the 70's, caused the conservative base to freak out. Almost 21 years after his death, Pierre Trudeau (and, by extension, Justin) is still living rent free inside the head of every redneck and hillbilly west of Toronto.


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This is why things like the FDA are needed. When lawless gangsters run a country, this is what happens…

Pretty much all government regulation and government regulatory bodies came into existence after some egregious act of corporate malfeasance made such regulation necessary. Companies will always put profits ahead of product safety when left to regulate themselves.

Of course today we have all sorts of regulatory agencies that through bribery and corruption have been stripped of their ability to regulate anything. Corporations buy politicians who, in turn, either strip the agencies of their ability to regulate (usually by cutting their funding so that they don't have the resources needed to do their job effectively) or by packing the highest executive levels of the regulatory agencies with people who come from the very corporations the agencies are supposed to regulate.

For instance, the FAA is packed with former Boeing executives who looked the other way on the 737 Max 8 which, in turn, led to people dying in crashes caused not by pilot error but by engineering fails on Boeing's part. In truth, the Max 8 was so radically different from a regular 737 that it should have been classified as a completely different aircraft altogether, not merely the latest version of a 40 year old design. But doing that would have required more time and testing which equates to lost time and more money spent by Boeing. Merely calling it a new version of a 737 allowed them to fast track the Max 8 into production and was mostly just an FAA rubber stamp.