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OT:World Politics


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China just wants to avoid a boycott of the Olympics. Of course, considering that precisely NOTHING in terms of China's human rights abuses has changed since they last hosted the Olympics just proves that the IOC is as morally bankrupt as they ever were, as bad as FIFA, F-1 and the NCAA, if not worse. And again why the NHL wants to associate with these scumbags is beyond me, except that the people who run the NHL are also scumbags.


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"Queen Elizabeth will have one less realm next week when Barbados severs its final imperial links to Britain by removing the 95-year-old as its head of state and declaring itself a republic.

The former British colony -- which gained independence in 1966 -- revived its plan to become a republic last September with the country's governor general, Sandra Mason, saying, "the time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind."

Will we ever have this discussion in Canada?