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PLAYOFF GDT: Series 1 / Game 7: @ Toronto, Monday, May 31ST, 7:00EST (SERIES TIED 3-3)

east coast

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Kinda glad its Winnipeg. Not sure I want to be as emotionally invested as I was in this one. But if we win, that emotion will return, if not before....

The Leafs series could have been worse on the nerves. It was bad enough, but after going down 3-1 in games, I was prepared for the inevitable.


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Staal is still pretty bad. I understand he can't score like he used to, but surprised how poor he is on the boards. His advantage is his long reach and stride that he uses to close in on the puck carrier and take away passing lanes.

My Staal standards are so low that I've come to accept this as a good game by his standard. Couple of heads up vet moves tonight.
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east coast

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There exists a possibility of a Habs vs Bruins Cup final, just sayin...
Never thought of that.......and things appear to be going the Bruins way again.....Pastrnak is tearing it up. Can't remember if we ever had to deal with both Leafs and Bruins in same year in late seventies. But only one would have been a threat....