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PLAYOFF GDT: Series 3 / Game 4: VS Las Vegas, Sunday, June 20th, 8:00EST (Habs Lead 2-1)


He’s right. Series is over. They’re so deflated now and have to win 2 out of 3 games and they got home ice back. They’ll keep playing Gus and Merrill, they’ll keep pretending Gally is a scorer and they’ll lose Game 5 easily
The series was over when we were down 3-1 to the Leafs.. we were not suppose to beat the Jets, and many did not have us winning a game against LVK.. if i told you the series would be tie 2-2 after 4 games everyone would take..


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Someone asked Perry about the refs... he smiled like a devil , looked at Josh Anderson and then said “I can’t answer that”


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You only get so many opportunities against a good opponent. The Habs were this close to breaking the Knights resolve. But now Vegas believes in themselves again. We had a chance to crush their hopes but instead gave those hopes a new life.

Can you imagine if we had made Lehner look as befuddled as we did to MAF? They would literally be out of options and we'd beat them easily. Instead their backup held us to one measly goal and our impenetrable goalie allowed a softie.

The way to beat an opponent isn't to probe for weaknesses you might be able to exploit. The way to beat that opponent, especially if that opponent is better than you, is to attack their strengths and crush them, to make them doubt in themselves. Because nothing is more powerful than a great team that believes in it's own greatness. The Habs had them doubting themselves and their own abilities. A win tonight would have sealed their fate.

Instead we awoke the slumbering giant.

And a week from now we will all be able to point to this specific game as the point where it all went horribly wrong. Tonight was fatal. The Habs are already dead. They just haven't noticed all the blood leaking on the floor yet.


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It feels bad as this was the first 50/50 game we’ve lost all playoffs. It was bound to happen. Hopefully the players aren’t as down as the fans after this setback. It looks like Perry will have to spread his Jedi wisdom around the locker room.


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Need to stick with the system, no panic. The players seem to have bought in and are confortable in their skins. There will be puck luck and mental lapses, it’s tough to be that amped up and sharp for 60 mins. It’s a shame a moment of inattention put the game in OT.

Gotta bury those chances.