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The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread


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Cant be be too hard to knock off Malgin off the top 9
Full strength lineup barely has Malgin in the top 12


With the XXXX being a choice between Malgin, Goat, Robertson, any one of the pile of fringe NHL calibre AHL'ers we have (Petan, Aberg, Agostino, etc, etc) and whichever veterans Dubas plucks out of free agency on a minimum deal (Simmonds, Soderberg, Frolik, Boedker, Gagner, Sheary, Thornton are all varying levels of possible)


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I know it’s hardly relevant now but anyone have the Leafs record under Keefe and where that ranked against other teams during the same period, and our ranks in major metrics over that time?


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We deserved that one so much. That game is one of the top few that are etched in my memory. I don't even need to see the replay of the shot that bounced in off Ellett. I remember it like it was yesterday. A big part of my non-fanboy approach to the Gretz is from that game, where that BS centering attempt went in and made him a hero again. Especially after the slice to Gilmour's face that went without a call in the prior game.