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The Fantastically Beautiful Joyously Superfun 22-23 Season Celebration Thread


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I love Dubie, but I have to agree with that. One more dumb add that fails to recognize the glaring need going back years, and I’d reluctantly have to say it’s time for a change.


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next year will be when the media wakes up to how amazing he is, right in time for us not to be able to afford his next contract.

he is still a RFA after next year, eh? with a QO of like $2 milly?

I still wish we had gone 7 x 3 mill or something this offseason, but hopefully the "Toronto media" affect will keep his value lower than it ought to be.

That was the move that we will long term pay for in not locking him up cheaper for 8 years last offseason. Still mad at Dubas about it


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ZAR can go away now.

Even Abbruzzesse has been doing well with the Marlies.
Get a hungry line of kids out there.
IF we get a third line C.. Kampf with Holmberg and Anderson, or any good skating marlie could be a hella interesting line.


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fucking A.

finally using our farm team the way we always should have been. I kind of understood when it was bigger names like Spezza and Simmonds holding those spots and we were jammed against the cap with no ability to call anyone up....but handing out permanent spots to the likes of ZAR and Hunt without giving even giving all these hot marlies a chance was starting to look like a tremendous waste.

thank god.