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The Fantastically Beautiful Joyously Superfun 22-23 Season Celebration Thread


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Miller looks to be the least likely. If I had to rank potential targets in order of most likely to be Dubie's guy(s) to least likely, I'd go:

1. Boeser
2. Horvat
3. Kuzmenko
4. Garland

I don't think Miller even makes the list due to his salary. But Boeser seems like the perfect Dubie target with 3 years left and seemingly just an afterthought there lately would seem to come cheapest in acquisition cost, and retention for 3 years is easier than 4 for Garland.

They probably want to keep Kuzmenko and would demand too much. But Horvat seems gone, and an easy one to retain.

I'd put an outside chance on Garland, but I doubt Dubie wants another smallish winger.

Yeah, Nucks seem to be good trade partners and ripe for the picking. Maybe they'd even take Muzz's contract as part of a larger deal if they're extracting prime futures out of us, just in case he has designs on returning.


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Also, Garland on retention (there's rumours of a buy out coming this summer if they can't trade him) is probably the play for Dubas if he's looking at Vancouver players. Only problem is that he's a RW, so Willy would likely have to switch sides.

I skimmed the tweet and missed Vancouver part on the first read.


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I can see Garland doing a huge turnaround elsewhere. I don't read too much into the media, but some are claiming he' s been a giant pain in the ass in vancouver. Who kows.


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I can't see Kuzmenko wanting to sign long term after the last few months. And now fans are booing Tocchet and throwing jerseys on the ice in game

Just seems like a toxic environment


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And if the Leafs are going to acquire a shitty defensive dman I'd much rather give up a mid round pick for 2 time cup winner Luke Schenn then whatever for Gavrikov.