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The Move Downtown


So this week we find out some more details about the LeBreton Flats development. I've never been one that felt that a move downtown was necessary. The current location serves the West End and anyone who lives close to the 416 quite well. I do think LeBreton would serve the people who are from out of town and staying in a downtown hotel better. I'm sure there's many people who visit Ottawa but pass on a Senators game because they think the commute would be too much, even if perception is worse than reality. I also don't think that is the type of problem that justifies the additional cost of a new arena (likely $400 to 500 million if Edmonton or Quebec City taught us anything), when regular upkeep would likely do. (likely about $100 million if Carolina/Boston/Montreal are an indication).

In any event, its not me who would have to pay for a new arena since I don't live in the area. Since there's clearly someone other than Melynk who wants to own the Senators in Ottawa I'm not losing any sleep about whether the team is at risk of moving. Still I'm curious if this "hostile takeover" will play out. I'm sure behind the scenes Melynk made some of his own luck in terms of poaching the team out of Bankruptcy so I'm not crying for Melynk if something similar happens to him.