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The official NFL thread


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He’s old but I kinda like it.

Rumors floating around Bills are in on Ertz. After a down year I think he still might have something left in the tank.


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He still has speed to burn. The issue with Sanders is staying healthy.

I like Knox. I think they need to give him an expanded role.

The real issue with the Bills is a lack of run game. You need it to beat KC.


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I’m giving props to all those teams involved in yesterday's draft juggling:

SF drafts their new QB this year.
Eagles get to audition Jalen Hurts for a yr...if he falters, they accumulated the draft capital next yr to get the next one.
Miami is all in on Tua, but their draft capital also gives them a way out if need be. In the meantime, they picked up an extra first-round pick to move back three spots in the opening round.