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The official NFL thread


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Massive win for the Boys last night.

On the road against a solid team... starting a QB who was 1 for 3 pass attempts in his NFL career.
Micah Parsons.. best defensive player we have had since Ware. He is an absolute beast, was all over the field last night.


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Nice win. Minnesota isn't the best of opponents but at least it gave people the tinglies saying "Cooper to Cooper" all night.


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AR is a lying son of a bitch. Used to think he was the coolest cat in the game. I'm selling all his rookie cards


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These case are always so tragic because the person is just trying to drive home, doesn't intend to hurt anyone ... but this is why society has taken such a strong stance against drinking and driving. Because the consequences can be so severe, and reaction time and decision-making are so poor.

Ruggs was well over the legal limit and apparently driving 156 mph 2 seconds before the crash, 127 mph on impact, so he didn't even hit the brakes until the last second. Now a 23-year old woman burned to death and his life may be ruined at age 22.