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Well, this is....different


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The issue seems to be on my end, but for me an app would probably really increase the speed. Any chance for that?


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Can we get the "new post" link put back in a better spot? Seems to have been moved in the last few days since I was away from the forum...


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I’m looking into a night mode. Looks like it costs.

No biggie. Gotta get ads back up to pay for this stuff.


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My one complaint right now is when I open a page, it jumps to the right spot, and then all the twitter previews load, and the page doesn't scroll to keep up with them, so is way behind. Obviously having tweets inline is awesome, but is there a setting or something to get this scroll working right? Especially the politics threads are like 90% people linking to tweets, can be annoying to have to go search back to actually find the last new post.


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Yeah the Tweets on the Politics page make it a real bitch.

While I do like the embedded Tweets, we are probably better off without them.


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I'm still trying to figure out the browser setting that makes the embedded tweets load or not. My laptop doesn't load them, just leaving the link there to click on, but my desktop machine and phone browser load them.