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What are you drinking/last thing you drank?

Ed H in Pasadena

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Boomtown Brewery in L. A. made a hazy DIPA called "Immerse", with cool can art provided by a local artist. Very good fruity tasting DIPA with a prominent grassy and lemony taste.
Boomtown Immerse.jpg


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I guess it's actually called Spice Dragon Red Chai.

From Stash's site...

Get your senses ready. We’re about to surprise your taste buds with both the smell and flavor of this tea. It’s yet another primo example of Stash Tea doing what we’ve set out to do: brew boredom out of the world! We dare you to take a sip of this uniquely sweet and spicy chai and tell us it's boring.

You’re probably aware of the growing popularity of chai tea lattes. But you might not yet be aware Rooibos, the herbal ingredient we blended up with our chai spices. Pronounced roy-boss, this South African caffeine-free herb is also known as red tea. Red tea is really having a moment because of its mellow flavor and perceived health benefits.

Cinnamon, rooibos, ginger root, clove

Ed H in Pasadena

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I've gotten away from this recently. Tonight, I had Harland Brewing's (SD) Labor of Beer series IPA made with Azacca and Citra hops. Hoppy bitterness, quite pronounced citrus flavor. Very good.


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