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What song are you listening to right now?


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micheal jackson made 2 good records...Off the Wall and Thriller, that is it. All he is is a producers puppet and it was Quincy Jones who made him... after that Jackson is CRAP....

Like Dave Chappelle said (court scene) come on man he made Thriller... THRILLER.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I dunno what is weirder... arguing in favour of Michael Jackson or admitting you are listening to Nickelback.


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Yeah on the surface it may seem weird to some. However, if you enjoy a large variety of music like I do (I even like some rap) than its not a big deal. Heck, you just have to enjoy music period to enjoy the true legends of the industry and their talents (not that Nickelback is a legend group just yet, I just like them, but they aren't legends).

I like Sinatra, Elvis, Cash, Jackson, even a tiny little bit of Madonna (due to my wife being a huge fan). I even adore Johnny Carson even though I only saw his final two years of his career in show business. I have Carson's greatest hits video package and he is brilliant. Just because I wasn't there in the 60, 70, early 80's doesn't mean I cannot appreciate his true genious. Because nobody can touch him even today.

Same with the Elvis, Jackson, Sinatra, Madonna performers.

Michael may be a lot of things but he is a genious performer. Same as Elvis, Frank, etc etc they all have their hang ups personally. But, there is no denying their talents or their genious.


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As politically incorrect as it is, a pedophile genius singer/songwriter is still a genius singer/songwriter.