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You guys need a pick me up!


Just call me Cups...Ribs...Komi...errrrr
How's everyone doing? Has count added more habs fans to the family? I've added a baby Hab fan:)
Has expire's bad mojo turned the habs into the expos!!?

Well, even with an average roster, I think the habs would be first or second in the east with a healthy Price.
But that still wouldn't make us a true Stanley cup contender unless we rectify glaring needs that haven't been addressed in over 2 decades.

A centre with size. If we can't aquire one with size, has to atleast have elite offensive skills.
1. Eric Staal(if they tank and we go on winning streak with price back)
2. Stamkos (and drouin) get them both and if stamkos signs an extra first round pick.

These can be options if either of these teams tank

Plek is aging. And his defensive play doesn't look that great to me and is a no show in the playoffs as far as scoring is concerned. Funny. We can discard a heart and soul player like koivu, but have no problem in keep resigning small centres like deharnais and pleknek. Should both be traded for best offer. Or take on a smaller contract in a dump.

Plek or deharnais for Hartnell could be an option. Unless we can get a prospect or pick that is promising. We need some size and grit on the wing.

Trade bait:
Eller possibly if plek is not moved.

Gallagher ????(above named centre or??) Pac
Hartnell/drouin galchenyuk ghetto
Weiss Eller Carr

At the very least, dump the bait and retool going forward. We could still make the playoffs with moving these players and getting no roster players back if price is back. If not, a nice lottery pick.
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