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GDT #17: NOV 7, 7:00, SN - Vegas @ Leafs


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Vegas is scuffling a (little) but but are a really dangerous team. Not just good possession but quality possession. And a pretty deadly top PP unit, too.

The good news is that it seems likely that we get to face subban instead of fleury, and subban stinks, and like us the knights have yet to win when starting their backups.

Corsica is down again which is annoying. I'm using naturalstattrick here even though it misses a bunch of info - and it doesn't let me combine years easily so these stats are just for this year only...which is actually ok because I was going to make that switch soon anyways.

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A good team. So far this year that means an L but hope I am wrong and they can go on a bit of a run here. Vegas always gives us a hard time though, mainly because they forecheck relentlessly and finish their checks.


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I was always impressed with Reaves and Carrier. I bet Babcock would fall in love with having those two guys. Carrier is a taller, thicker, Timashov. Guy is tuff, and Reaves? Pfffft. Not as big a factor as Tom Wilson who can score 20 goals, but............. guy is beastly.


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Hey....that ref actually calls obstruction the way it's written in the book

Is that even legal?


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Willy's got some confidence back. Another nice goal or two and he could really get rolling.


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Would hate to lose spezza when the 4th line has been this horrific for a while now.