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Kinkaid on waivers


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Ok so what happens if they start Primeau and he plays well? How long before the goalie controversy starts in that town?


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I dont think there will be a controversy this year, if Primeau plays well, he gets more games and Price gets more rest.


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This move WREAKS of desperation

Admits Kinkaid is a mistake. If he gets claimed you have a kid backing up Price for the rest of the season.

And... WTF is Peca gonna do? He is a poor mans Weal/Cousins/Byron, ans they are a poor mans something else!

He can't make a decent trade despite over $8m in cap space so this is his f**king solution.


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Shhh, he's got a plan apparently. Aside from the ability to speak French fluently I mean.


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He is only being sent down for condition it says. For a few games because he has played so little


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would Bergevin ever sacrifice Cayden Primeau? He’s one of the truly elite goaltending prospects on the planet right now but, with Carey Price under contract another six years, will Primeau ever get the starter’s net? Tossing him into the pot for Hall would make the Habs a serious player for his services, and they have the cap space to make a strong pitch for a long-term deal as well. Another bonus: Montreal has twelve-draft picks on the board for 2020. That’s what you call a surplus.
By the way, if Primeau is called up now that Keith Kinkaid has been waived, the Devils could have a chance to scout Primeau in NHL action when he backs up Price. Just sayin’.


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Primeau has a future with this organization, Lindgren doesn't. It's not overly complicated.

If Primeau plays every 4-5 games and every time there's a back-to-back, I don't have any issue.

I'll only have an issue if he's riding the bench and not playing.