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Leafs vs Islanders 730pm TSN4


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Well this is game 1 of a big 4 game week and we are playing a team just 1 pt behind us. With 2 back to backs and both Montreal and Boston on a break week we will have a much clearer picture of what the stretch drive will look like on sunday.

No changes expected today, Sosh still out and Marchenko and Marincin are both expected to sit tonight.


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No excuse for a better effort in this one after blowing the extra point last game.

If they have them down this time step on their throats
8-2-2 since the coaching change. Quite hot before that too. They were in the basement for the majority of the year. A win and they jump ahead of the Leafs in actual points.


Gotta wonder if they aren't able to use that shitty ice to their advantage, seeing the disparity between their home and away records.


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yep. this is a big one. Isles can pass us with a win. And this is one our rare 2 day off games. And tommorrow in columbus is no picnic.


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Babs made the comment that they almost haven't had a proper practice since the all star game because of the schedule, and this is the first time they managed to get a full practice in for some 'tune up' to their game.

Let's hope the result shows tonight.


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xGF% = zone/score/venue-adjusted Expected Goals For percentage (from Corsica.Hockey)

Expected Goals = All Unblocked Shot Attempts adjusted for shot distance, quality, etc.

Number in brackets = xGF% Relative to Team

Line 1

C Bozak (30): 51gms, 13gls, 36pts, 16:23 (21gls/58pts), 51.7xgf% (-0.7)
C Tavares (26): 54gms, 20gls, 46pts, 20:11 (30gls/70pts), 49.9xgf% (+3.3)

W Marner (19): 54gms, 15gls, 47pts, 16:58 (23gls/71pts), 50.9xgf% (-2.0)
W Bailey (27): 54gms, 11gls, 38pts, 18:37 (17gls/58pts), 48.8xgf% (+1.5)

W VanRyk (27): 54gms, 19gls, 43pts, 15:47 (29gls/65pts), 52.4xgf% (+0.1)
W Lee (26): 53gms, 21gls, 34pts, 15:01 (33gls/53pts), 52.1xgf% (+5.8)

Line 2

C Kadri (26): 54gms, 20gls, 40pts, 16:39 (30gls/61pts), 55.3xgf% (+4.2)
C Nelson (25): 54gms, 13gls, 31pts, 15:40 (20gls/47pts), 47.5xgf% (-0.1)

W Nylander (20): 53gms, 14gls, 36pts, 16:00 (22gls/56pts), 54.8xgf% (+4.5)
W Strome (23): 51gms, 9gls, 22pts, 14:42 (15gls/35pts), 44.4xgf% (-4.9)

W Komarov (29): 54gms, 8gls, 16pts, 17:06 (12gls/24pts), 52.7xgf% (+0.4)
W Beauvillier (19): 40gms, 4gls, 12pts, 12:13 (8gls/25pts), 44.7xgf% (-2.7)

Line 3

C Matthews (19): 54gms, 25gls, 44pts, 17:45 (38gls/67pts), 52.3xgf% (+0.1)
C Cizikas (25): 48gms, 6gls, 22pts, 14:17 (10gls/38pts), 51.5xgf% (+4.7)

W Hyman (24): 54gms, 8gls, 23pts, 16:58 (12gls/35pts), 52.0xgf% (-0.4)
W Kulemin (30): 52gms, 9gls, 17pts, 13:53 (14gls/27pts), 50.3xgf% (+2.6)

W Brown (22): 54gms, 12gls, 23pts, 15:52 (18gls/35pts), 50.2xgf% (-2.6)
W Gionta (33): 5gms, 0gls, 2pts, 12:07 (0gls/33pts), 39.4xgf% (-11.7)

Line 4

C Smith (28): 34gms, 2gls, 3pts, 11:32 (5gls/8pts), 52.1xgf% (-2.0)
C Quine (23): 43gms, 5gls, 13pts, 12:30 (10gls/25pts), 43.0xgf% (-6.7)

W Leivo (23): 4gms, 0gls, 0pts, 9:44 (0gls/0pts), 66.7xgf% (+29.0)
W Ladd (31): 50gms, 12gls, 18pts, 15:50 (20gls/30pts), 44.5xgf% (-4.0)

W Martin (27): 54gms, 4gls, 7pts, 8:45 (6gls/11pts), 50.1xgf% (-2.5)
W Chimera (37): 54gms, 13gls, 21pts, 12:51 (20gls/32pts), 45.1xgf% (-3.6)

Pair 1

D Rielly (22): 48gms, 2gls, 21pts, 22:14 (3gls/36pts), 51.6xgf% (-1.1)
D Leddy (25): 53gms, 9gls, 31pts, 22:59 (14gls/48pts), 45.2xgf% (-3.5)

D Zaitsev (25): 54gms, 2gls, 25pts, 22:26 (3gls/38pts), 50.2xgf% (-3.3)
D Boychuk (32): 50gms, 6gls, 19pts, 20:21 (10gls/31pts), 48.6xgf% (+1.5)

Pair 2

D Gardiner (26): 54gms, 7gls, 25pts, 21:06 (11gls/38pts), 53.3xgf% (+1.8)
D Seidenberg (35): 47gms, 4gls, 17pts, 19:33 (7gls/30pts), 50.4xgf% (+2.6)

D Carrick (22): 50gms, 2gls, 7pts, 16:40 (3gls/12pts), 52.6xgf% (+0.3)
D DeHaan (25): 54gms, 3gls, 14pts, 18:55 (5gls/21pts), 50.6xgf% (+4.2)

Pair 3

D Hunwick (31): 44gms, 0gls, 12pts, 17:51 (0gls/22pts), 52.7xgf% (-0.2)
D Hickey (27): 52gms, 3gls, 13pts, 18:05 (5gls/21pts), 47.2xgf% (-0.9)

D Polak (30): 49gms, 3gls, 5pts, 17:35 (5gls/8pts), 52.0xgf% (-0.3)
D Pelech (22): 25gms, 1gls, 6pts, 16:07 (3gls/20pts), 42.9xgf% (-5.3)


G Andersen (27): 45gms, .914sv%, .918es%
G Greiss (30): 30gms, .922sv%, .929es%


G McElhinney (33): 11gms, .928sv%, .935es%
G Berube (25): 8gms, .906sv%, .912es%


Really hopeful that the Leafs turn the corner and show us some great play tonight. Freddy needs to as well. If not, que sera.
I'd throw leivo with Matthews and bench brown or Hyman. They've both been equally trash lately. Leivo is a decent little player. Can't skate but he's great down low, has some hands and a great shot.


Stinky with another nice point shot. Racking up a nice pile of points for a rookie blueliner playing is first season on NA sized ice.


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I'd throw leivo with Matthews and bench brown or Hyman. They've both been equally trash lately
Lately? Hyman plays with a superstar all year and has 8 ****ing goals in 54 games. It's a terrible waste of shifts that could be made better use of by someone with talent.

Leafs should grab a couple of good vet forwards as FAs this offseason, 3 years term or less, so they don't have to play guys like this in major roles around the talent. They're 3rd or probably 4th liners on a serious team.