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Les Habitants Prospects Thread


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I'm not sure about that.

If Romanov is in the NHL, his salary is in all likelihood going to be superior. Now, if he's in the AHL, that's a different story.


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Also, Norlinder re-signing in Sweden isn't a big deal. It's no deal at all. In an ideal world, I'd like MODO to play a season in the SEL before he comes over so we can have a better gauge as to how good he is.


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Rocket win 4-3 in the shootout . One goal and two assists for Evans. Hudon scored his 15th goal. 27 saves for Kinkaid.


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Has the time come to call up Evans to tryout for the 4C gig? NT and the 4th line has been generating zero offense after about 1-month into the season.


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The Rocket are on on RDS tonight, probably not gonna watch much but Evans opened the scoring with his 8th of the season.